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MK3 heatbed ABS adhesion

Posted by bw_syl 
MK3 heatbed ABS adhesion
October 24, 2016 05:47AM
I've recently installed an MK3 heatbed on my 3d printer, and I've read that we could print directly on the aluminium side.

I've understood that directly means without glass on top of the bed, but do I need to but kapton tape on the aluminium (or glue, or ...) ?

If I have to put such a thing, what could I use to clean the aluminium of the heatbed ?

Thanks a lot.
Re: MK3 heatbed ABS adhesion
October 24, 2016 09:37AM
The sales speech for aluminum heat bed is that you can print directly on it.
Just like any other substrate, you can print directly on it. winking smiley

Try it? I hope the first layer works. Corners don't lift, etc..

Alcohol and acetone will always work for cleaning.
Re: MK3 heatbed ABS adhesion
October 24, 2016 10:00AM
I've tried to print directly on the aluminium but the filament does not stay on the heatbed at all.

Maybe I should try to adjust the heatbed or the z-min.

I'll try to post a video to illustrate what happens.
Re: MK3 heatbed ABS adhesion
October 25, 2016 02:35AM
I don't print directly on my aluminium heat bed, because my logic was that it will end up getting scratched. I got hold of a sheet of dead flat 2mm thick aluminium and, being careful not to distort it when cutting, cut a piece the same size as the bed. I cut small corners out to enable access to the bed adjusting screws. This is held onto the bed with four small fold back clips with the handles removed after fitting. I used some masking tape on the underside of the bed where the clips are fitted to prevent them from rubbing the varnish off and shorting out any part of the heater tracks.

I simply coat the bed with two or three coats of cheap and nasty super hold hairspray. This wears off very slowly and eventually loses its effect, at which point I clean the bed plate off with surgical alcohol and re-coat it. I have no problem with printing PLA for which I use a bed temperature of 60c. For ABS I print with a skirt and the bed set at 100c. The filament sticks well and I don't get any lifting during printing, although it is best to avoid a lot of 100% infill as with any printing surface.

ABS remains firmly held until the bed temperature drops below 70c, at which point the print can simply be lifted off. PLA can often be lifted off when the bed has dropped to room temperature, although sometimes it requires a bit of help to separate.

I've been printing fine this way for the last month and the finish obtained on the underside is excellent. I'm even using 0.2mm for the first layer thickness and no over-width on the first layer. I do take advantage of slowing down the print for the first layer.

I don't use auto levelling and the bed is simply adjusted using the sheet of paper method.

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Re: MK3 heatbed ABS adhesion
October 25, 2016 07:43AM
i find prit stik also works well on the ally bed with pla and bed temp at 60.
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