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Help finding firmware source

Posted by R.G. 
Help finding firmware source
October 26, 2016 02:21PM
Hi, I tried searching, and didn't turn up the result.

I have a kit printer that is supposedly a "Prusa I3" clone, sold by Alunar. It has an "Anet 1.0" controller card. It did not have the firmware source with the printer.

I'd like to change the card operation a bit. Can one of you point me to what version of firmware source is used in these?
Re: Help finding firmware source
October 26, 2016 08:05PM
This sounds like one of a number of printers manufactured in China by Anet and sold badged under another name. Anet do not provide the firmware details for their all in one controller board. You can try asking them for it, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

What is it that you want to change anyway?
Re: Help finding firmware source
November 02, 2016 10:17PM
I'd like to add a beeper.
Re: Help finding firmware source
November 04, 2016 04:06AM
If your control board is the same as mine, then the only unused pins are those in the socket next to where the LCD screen plugs in. I have no idea of the functions of these pins.

Getting technical support from Anet is difficult due to the language barrier. They are very helpful, but no one there has a knowledge of technical English. I had a manufacturing fault on my hot bed and it took two weeks to resolve the issue. I had to resort to including all the Chinese characters for the technical (non-conversational) words in my emails. This took a lot of hard work with an on-line dictionary, but that said they were very responsive, and when we finally reached an understanding they provided a replacement without question.

As far as I can tell no one has any detailed documentation of these boards as they are proprietary manufacture. This being the case I would not mess around with the board. If you damage it you may have difficulty obtaining a replacement and you would obviously have to pay for it. Similarly, as there seems to be no firmware information for the board, if you trash the firmware then you would need to replace the board.

Personally I am more than happy with my Anet printer which performs faultlessly. Is it really worth all the potential hassle just to have a beeper? Via the Repetier software you can have notifications sent to your mobile phone (but don't ask me how you do it).

In general I would say "if it works then leave it alone". The same goes for the temptation to fit auto bed levelling. I've only had to re-level mine three times, and that was after having removed the printer from its normal bench!
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