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how to print without using the sd card

Posted by reddorf 
how to print without using the sd card
October 30, 2016 06:01PM
i understand that the sd card option is great, but not being able to print from my computer means i have to add steps to the procedure. why would i slice the object on my computer which is plugged into the printer, move it to an sd card, then move the sd card to the printer when i could just hit the print button on my computer. It feels like i am sticking my own head up my ass to make a simple procedure harder. i tell my computer to slicer the .stl file, and check to box to start printing when it is done, simple easy and i did not have to do extra work and wait longer

when i try it now the power supply stops working

if the cost of having the printer work intelligfently is getting rid of the inconvienient sd card then i work dance around it's burning carcass
Re: how to print without using the sd card
October 30, 2016 06:21PM
It's fun printing directly from computer, until it decides to go to sleep, decides to install updates, decides to freeze, have communication problems with USB or just slow down for some reason.

That's when your printer throws a fit. It might just reset Arduino or it might stop and continue extruding filament, keep heating untill it melts, etc... Your print is ruined.

It is better to read files/print from SD card, than have a computer sending G-codes layer by layer for hours and just waiting for an accident to happen.

Anyway, you can use Pronterface to print from your computer.

Just disable screen savers, sleeps, updates, reboots... Your computer needs to be ON and working while printer is working.
Re: how to print without using the sd card
October 30, 2016 07:14PM
I used to only run tethered and had no issues. I have now been going with sd and I agree it's annoying. I have been considering trying octoprint.

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