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upgrade to dual extruder

Posted by skindeepfx 
upgrade to dual extruder
November 05, 2016 02:23PM
Greetings everyone
I am a proud new owner of a RepRap Guru Prusa I3 V2 and very happy with it
I buld it about a month ago and since then printed almost daily items for animatronics etc

i would like to print my supports in water soluble PVA ...So a dual extruder is on the horizon
could you point me in a direction of a good upgrade for this printer
i know that the Ramps board should be able to support dual extruder. Is there anything else that i need to know before making the decision to upgrade??

Thanks to all of you in advance

Re: upgrade to dual extruder
November 06, 2016 06:54AM
I had my fun with dual nozzle printing on a wobbly Prusa... The unused nozzle "always" scratches along the fresh printed tracks and rips them off the bed sad smiley
I also tested a china clone of the E3D Cyclops which is leaking so much, it doesn't build enough pressure in the nozzle to get a decent 1st. layer.
But that's a clone, sure the original is better quality. ( still E3D calls it's design "experimental" )
Right now I'm testing a diamond hotend with three filaments, so you'd need a 6th. driver port for that. Or you close one of the filament path's with a screw.

Anyway, with a printhead using Bowden style extrusion, be prepared to see lower quality parts than with direct drive.
Did you try printing support with only one nozzle/filament? Usually you get good results the easy way...

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Re: upgrade to dual extruder
November 06, 2016 08:36AM
Well the problem that i am facing is that the supports are sticking to much to the object
I am using Slic3r and can't seem to find the setting to allow for a bit more distance to the actual object
Any ideas ???
Keep in mind that my experience at this point is only a few weeks old spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: upgrade to dual extruder
November 09, 2016 02:13PM
If you are using Repetier-Host, under the Slic3r screen click on "Configuration."
When the window opens click on "Support material" in the left column.
Under "Support Material" look about 1/2 way down under "Options for support material and raft."
Contact Z distance is what you are looking for. This setting is used to determine the distance
between the object and the support material.

Hope this helps.
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