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Anet A8

Posted by philpow 
Anet A8
November 13, 2016 05:27AM
Hi I am new to 3D printing and I bought this kit as it seemed to be a reasonable price for a starter there are a couple of issues I have with it though.
While I can initiate a test print it appears to be printing something but unfortunately it is depositing no plastic so it is invisible I have tested the stepper motor by connecting the extruder feed to the X axis and running the motion test and it and it's connecting cables work fine.
I can only assume that there is a problem on the board as the bed and extruder obtain the temperatures as required and I can push the plastic filament through ok by hand.
Secondly I am concerned about the alignment of the Z axis screws and guide rods as there is a difference of 1.5 mm between the carriage nut and bearing centers and the motor mount guide rod centers on one side and 0.39 on the other.
while I my be new to 3D printing I'm a mechanical engineer by trade and this is bad it will effect the way the Z axis performs in that it will not be able to rise and fall in a reliable fashion and loose it's parallel integrity with the base plate.
I apologize if these problems have been dealt with already in this forum but I'm afraid searching for the answer is very time consuming and at 67 time is not on my side cool smiley

Yours Philpow .
Re: Anet A8
November 14, 2016 06:08AM
Make sure that the X axis rods are right home in their two carriers - this may need a tap with a rubber mallet to ensure it. After that if the alignments are different then try rotating the Z axis nuts in the X axis carriers. Don't be tempted to put inserts in the top to hold the top of the Z axis feed screws in place. Holding the top of the Z screws is not necessary as the self aligning couplings on the stepper motor will allow the rods to take the best line and 100% alignment is not needed.

With regard to the filament problem. Make sure that both the board end plug and the extruder end plugs for the stepper motor are pushed firmly into place. Note that if you haven't left enough slack in the stepper motor wires at the extruder end before fitting the spiral cable cover there can be a tendency to pull the plug slightly out of the extruder. This is not enough to notice, but enough to stop the extruder stepper from working. Did you fit the extruder stepper cable the correct way round? Mine was labelled as to which end went to the board and which to the extruder and it's not interchangeable end for end. On mine the wires at the extruder end from front to back are blue, green, red, black. At the board end from top to bottom they are black, green, blue, red.

If the above doesn't solve the extruder problem then it's probably not gripping the filament hard enough and you need to adjust the grip.
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