Hi Guys, new to this site, but im hoping someone might be able to help.

Cant figure this one out. My Hictop Prusa 3dp08 kit was running well for the last few weeks, but all of a sudden in the middle of a print, it just took off to the side of the bed and shot back to printing again. I thought it was weird but since it was still printing I figured it was alright. Nope. Its constantly doing it, i reset to factory firmware, replaced all 3 limit switches, tried different filaments, moved my wiring around, changed the extruder nozzle, re-leveled the bed, checked all my connections to my motors, and any other connection I've made since removing it from the package. all are working fine. here is what it looks like (I'm holding the filament in the second half of the video to show that its retracting properly until it goes out of control)


Any ideas? some patience would be needed as I'm rather new to this.
Think what is happening - uncontrolled and unwanted movement of the print head. Don't complicate things by changing filaments, levelling the bed etc., these are things that are not going to cause the problem.

It has got to be something that can affect the movement. Firmware fault - maybe but unlikely, Board fault - possibly, wiring fault - possibly. Start by seeing what the printer is being told to perform. Produce and run a simple test print such as a square or rectangle. See if the problem shows up. If it does have a look at what the gcode file is telling the printer to do. This may be a slicer problem rather than a hardware problem.

If the gcode file is 100% correct without any odd commands then look at the wiring again and the board.

It sounds to me as though the printer could be having problems with its datum settings.

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I have noticed somewhere there is a setting for retraction but also nozzle wipe could this be the nozzle going to the front door mat to wipe its feet or what is this setting
I'd look at the gcode file too and slicer settings.

This movement is not random, because it comes back to the correct position and continues printing.
Alright guys, so kind of a strange one, but it WAS my faultin my splicer, I had my machine settings for the build plate to
X (200)
Y (270)
Z (175)

But in the firmware it stated the print size was

X (270)
Y (200)
Z (175)

since I've matched them up properly, and swapped my firmware to the proper X and Y measurements, I've had zero problems.

rookie mistake that cost me a lot of filiment. but atleast next time i'll know to watch for it!
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