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X Axis drift

Posted by mhortman 
X Axis drift
November 23, 2016 12:56PM
I have a Hictop I3 Prusa, and am having troubles with the printer drifting to the left (negative X) direction. I have attached a picture of what is going on, but the picture shows several different things.
1.) You can see the rectangle that the printer layed down the outer rectangle
2.) Then the second pass a the edge drifted to the left,
3.) Then the very first pass in the xy (cross hatch) direction worked fine,
4.) but the first negative xy crosshatch pass drifted to the negative x direction and then the same thing happened again in the next pass, and then worked for like 3 passes, then happened again.

things I have tried.
1.) Put on a steady base
2.) Slowed the print speed down to a crawl
3.) put liquid wrench on the slide bars
4.) marked the X pulley with a paint pen and ensured that the pulley is not slipping.
5.) Watched to make sure no wires were binding, and it is not hitting anything.
6.) Slid x axis and Y axis to ensure they move smoothly.

Kind of out of ideas about what to try next.
open | download - prusa2.jpg (605.9 KB)
Re: X Axis drift
November 23, 2016 03:55PM
No mention of electronics, or if you have tuned the stepper drivers vref.
Re: X Axis drift
November 24, 2016 07:31AM
Is the X belt aligned with the drive gear and idler?
Do you have flanges on the drive gear or idler?
Are the shafts perpendicular to the X axis (Motor is mounted square)
Flanges and some misalignment may cause the belt to ride up on the flange increasing the effective diameter and there fore the travel.
I would expect the carriage side of the belts to be the issue as the other side goes right across the frame and so has minimal alignment issues.
When the direction is reversed the belt would come off the flanges.
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