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Initial Home Position

Posted by simblarosh 
Initial Home Position
January 11, 2017 02:22PM
Hey guys, I have just finished putting together My Anet A8 I3 printer and I have installed all of the Stop-Switches and they seem to be working. My question is very simple but I have yet to find a straight answer.

When I press Auto Home the axes move until they hit the stops, but after it is stopped the X asis is not over the Heat bed it is too far to the left. Is this normal or where should my nozzle be when I hit home,

Should it be in the middle????? Thanks
Re: Initial Home Position
January 11, 2017 02:34PM
If the position of the X endstop is fixed,then set X home as -10 (or how far it is off the bed).
Then in your host printing program,like repetier or pronteface etc, you should be able to set the bed size as bed left = 0
Re: Initial Home Position
January 11, 2017 04:14PM
What do you mean "Fixed" It is a microswitch that is fixed to the frame .....Will setting the Xhome to -10 send the extruder to the right?? Or would that be +10???

I need the extruder nozzle to go to the right. Also what does setting bed size do for me??
Re: Initial Home Position
January 11, 2017 06:26PM
If your X limit switch is set up properly, then nozzle should end up only just off the left hand side of the bed (1 to 2mm). If this is where it ends up, then everything is fine and ignore the rest. (Too late to photo my A8 to show you).

The roller on the limit switch should be at the top. When mounted, the top of the switch body should be level with the underside of the top guide bar. The roller should make contact with the edge of the back plate of the extruder bracket.

If the roller contacts elsewhere, then it can allow the extruder to move too far to the left before the switch operates. If that happens then the printer thinks that X=0 is too far to the left.

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