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Printqualty improvement Anet A8

Posted by SatorCodex 
Printqualty improvement Anet A8
March 10, 2017 03:55PM

In a way to improve it, without building a new machine out of it. I yesterday replaced the belts and pulleys to teethed ones. Added a belt tensioner to X-axis
to remove the pressure from the Z rods. Instead it put the pressure on the x-axis rods. As it should in the first place. Also replaced the Z-leadscrew, nuts. Who
actually has some kind of decent precision..
Also did a makeshift frame stiffener to the Y-axis. Used a 20x20x1mm square tube. Drilled some holes to fit the threaded rods. Then put a screw and
washer to support the acrylic sh#!"# parts (front and back). That got mighty stiffer.. smiling smiley (do not fancy printed supports, its probably way better than nothing..But they can't help
the acrylic sh!#€%&& frame enough..

Printed earlier a test cube in petg. So, after I printed a new..
Yes, is sounds quite a bit less, and smoother. I notice it moves more distced.
But when I actually compares the test cubes. Im seeing less wavy artifacts. Ghosing on Y has improved a bit. But not as much as I want.
But starting to look decent. X-axis looks not much better.. Bit surprised actually. The new lead screw nuts has actually less x-axis slop than the
rod bearings.. Hm.. Z- looks about the same. Little bitt less distortions on Z. Looking at the corners..

So Any Ideas?
Obviously I need better bearings. And rods.. Measured the on my granit surface to be about 0.2mm twisted when I did assemble the printer.
But don't want to dishes out much more cash on this one. Need to build a proper printer...
Advice on bearings? Igus or a good source on quality LM8UU, or whatever is needed. Bowden with E3D is about to be installed. Together with
a skynet install.

Oh, Im also going to stiffen up the rest of the frame.
Re: Printqualty improvement Anet A8
March 11, 2017 09:33PM
The E3D makes a dramatic improvement. I have far less waviness in the prints now.
Re: Printqualty improvement Anet A8
March 12, 2017 06:31PM
good to hear!

Did it improve ghosting too?
I have overshooting in the corners. and some ghosting. Hope that improve too
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