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Printer stops during prints

Posted by Gumbo 
Printer stops during prints
March 10, 2017 06:13PM
I have a problem with prints longer than a few minutes, as the printer stops the print job and disconnects from repetier host.

After doing some research on the forums I have tried the following:

- Replacing the USB cable
- Printing off the SD card
- Checking the G-code
- Connecting the printer to a UPS

Nothing solved the problem.
When the problem happens, the printer seems to reset, as the LCD goes blank for a couple seconds.

I have noticed the problem seems to happen when some other appliance kicks in and draws current, such as the fridge.
When this happens the UPS senses the current change and kicks in, so I guess the problem could be the printer being very sensible to current changes.
Or maybe the power supply is barely enough for the printer so in case the input voltage drops a little it cant supply enough Amps to power the printer.

A computer vendor suggested to buy an "online UPS", but this costs 3 times what I spent on the printer so this is out of the question.
I wonder if there is someother way to solve the problem or I am doomed to prints useless small objects or unplug all appliances when I print - which would most likely result in a divorce.
Improving the power supply with a bigger/better one would help solve the problem ?
The Power supply unit that came with the printer is rated at 15 Amps.
Bigger PSU's are not so expensive, sure less expensive than an online UPS.
Re: Printer stops during prints
March 11, 2017 10:56AM
If as you say the UPS kicks in when the problem happens, and it is associated with something such as the fridge turning on, then I would say that you do not have enough current capacity available on the mains power circuit that you are using.

The other possibility is that voltage/current changes are causing glitches in the computer USB. This can cause the printer to reset, even when printing off an SD card. Have you tried disconnecting the USB cable from the printer and then printing from SD card ?

Whether a 15A PSU is enough, or not, will depend on whether the PSU is 12V or 24V. If it is 12V then I would say that you need 30A, but if it is 24V then 15A should be OK.
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