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Hictop 3dp-018 problems

Posted by brad2388 
Hictop 3dp-018 problems
April 28, 2017 09:01AM
I have a hictop 3dp-018 printer im trying to get the bugs worked out if possiable.

It prints decent except for the bottom layer. It either wont adhere to the bed.

Im trying abs at 240c for the head and 110c for the bed.

Ive added the autolevel sensor and now it wont print at all.

Ive leveled the bed and the sensor is causeing it to raise back up leaving the gap to much in the bed.

Im tempted to send it back to amazon. Ive been working with it for about a week.
Re: Hictop 3dp-018 problems
June 27, 2017 12:06PM
Did you ever get any help on this???
Re: Hictop 3dp-018 problems
June 29, 2017 04:32AM
Hi guys.
I mite be a bit thick but can you move the autolevel sensor a bit ferther from the bed.
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