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Prusa i3 (4yr old clone) move to DuetWifi ?

Posted by StevenTodd 
Prusa i3 (4yr old clone) move to DuetWifi ?
May 04, 2017 10:01AM
I have a 4yr old Prusa i3 with lots of upgrades, original solid aluminum frame, RAMPS 1.4 board.
I've tweaked it enough to work great, but still mechanical bed leveling via bed screws.
I just upgraded my BigBox Dual from a RUMBA board to a DuetWifi. Expensive, but a whole lot easier to configure once you get the config.g settings going.

I really want to get mesh leveling on the Prusa i3. I could either take my now unused RUMBA and put it on the Prusa i3. Or buy another DuetWifi, now that I know how to configure it. It too have mesh leveling and more.

Anyone else using a DuetWifi on a Prusa i3?
what should i do?
Re: Prusa i3 (4yr old clone) move to DuetWifi ?
May 05, 2017 02:18AM
Rumba at 24V is not bad for a Prusa, much quieter. But you can't beat the convenience of WiFi and remote config with web control.
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