Calibration help please
July 17, 2017 03:59PM
I have a CTC Prusa i3 Pro B. There is very little spec info in the documentation that came with the kit.

Here are the first steps in Triffid Hunter's Reprap calibration guide:

Know your stepper motors' full steps per revolution value. steps = 360 / angle, so 1.8° = 200 steps, 0.9° = 400 steps, etc.
Know your stepper drivers' microsteps setting. Most Pololus are set to 16x. GEN3 driver 2.3 is fixed to 2 (half step). Some boards have 32x.
Know the number of teeth on your pulleys. Standard printed pulleys have 8 teeth. Most machined pulleys have 10 or 12 teeth since 8 tooth is technically too small for T5 belt
Know your belt pitch! XL and T5 belts /look/ the same, but the difference is important!
Know the number of teeth on your extruder gears, or at least the gear ratio.
Remove all sources of backlash. Your parts won't be usable as calibration pieces if you have lash!
Open the Online RepRap Calculator to find XY and E steps, layer heights, and acceleration.

How do I find out the motor and driver specs and firmware version? I currently use CURA and transfer gcode to the printer via an SD card. Do I connect my printer to a computer via USB and copy or query the firmware from the motherboard?

What is backlash and how do I remove it?
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