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HICTOP 3DP12 Clogging

Posted by TheOrvinator 
HICTOP 3DP12 Clogging
July 23, 2017 11:07PM
Hey guys,
My Hictop 3DP12 i3 Prusa was working great for several months, and I've enjoyed it. Just for a week now, it continues to jam after 10-30 minutes into a print. The nozzle will clog, nothing will come out, and the machine will go on without pushing any filament out. I've looked through many forums and tried all their suggestions, but none have worked so far. I have replaced the jet fan, throat, and nozzle. I have re-leveled the bed and raised the auto-leveler to avoid the nozzle dragging. I have cleaned out the extruder gear. Still no help. If I pull the filament out after it jams, snip the end, then feed it back in, it will work well again for another 10-30 minutes before clogging again. The interesting thing is that the clogged end always looks the same, 2 normal diameter sections separated by a long thin section (see [photos.app.goo.gl]). It almost appears as if the filament is being pulled out of the nozzle faster than the extruder stepper motor is pushing it and causing that thin section, which then doesn't transfer the pushing force and causes the jam. Could use some help ASAP as I have a delivery to make for this. Thanks in advance!

Re: HICTOP 3DP12 Clogging
July 26, 2017 02:23PM
In my experience of 3D printing I found that filament from one supplier never clogs and filament from others do. Have you changed supplier recently? Some minor experimentation with heat settings is also required per supplier.
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