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Stablize Print Head using LM8LUU Bushing ZoneStar

Posted by mcp5500 
Stablize Print Head using LM8LUU Bushing ZoneStar
July 24, 2017 01:20PM
To get Better Stabilization On a ZoneStar Printer With Dual Nozzles, replace the Head Bushings with 45mm long version (LM8LUU). Here is the mount that holds the Bushing in place. Mount it between the bushing and the head using the 4mmx10 screws. To remove the bushings, take out the C clamps holding them into the carriage.

Part to Print. [drive.google.com]

All Layers should be .2 or less. Including the first layer. The hight of the sides hold the bushing in place without hitting it at 8mm exactly.

Will show a print before and after the change soon.


Before. Slicer setting are the same and speed is at 100mm/s

After Same settings in the slicer


The results speak for them selves.

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