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working version of Marlin/Arduino

Posted by Bee69 
working version of Marlin/Arduino
August 04, 2017 10:50AM
Does anyone have a working version of Marlin/Arduino for a normal Geeetech Prusa I3 C Pro with a GT2560 board and a LCD REPRAP DISCOUNT SMART CONTROLLER.
Ive had a guts full.

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Re: working version of Marlin/Arduino
August 04, 2017 09:51PM
I dont know why you keep making posts for the same question, or jump in on some one else question to bring up your own. It seems to be one step forward then 20 back, I have given you help with print quality now we are back to firmware issues. Did you not keep a working copy of your firmware?
Also you seem reluctant to use google or read or try and troubleshoot your own problems. Yes we all like asking for help but sometimes the answer is right there, especially with the cheap hobby printers. Sadly these are sold as plug and play but they are not, they need a bit of knowledge and skill that can be found freely on the internet, not to mention the millions of videos on youtube to help you out.

So to help with this question google "geeetech prusa i3 pro b firmware"

The first link will take you to the geeetech forum with a list of firmware [www.geeetech.com] if you have a look around on that forum im sure you will find some help too.

the third link will take you to youtube [www.youtube.com] where a user will show you his selection of firmware and instructions and walk you through it

If you take one lesson from this I hope its to always keep a working copy of the firmware and make a copy before you make any changes.
Re: working version of Marlin/Arduino
August 05, 2017 03:10AM
Hi and thanks for the help.
As I've said before I'm a total newbe at this stuff. Has I've said in my old post which you read I bought a new GT2560 board after my old one died.
The new board was installed and my LCD is not working. This is where my problems start. I know nothing about this stuff and every time I try it's not working.
I have looked on google and had no luck. I've sat here for two days trying to sort it out but no joy. Sorry if I seem thick but I've never done anything like this. All I know is if I put // in front of a line it does nothing and if I take them away
it does something. When I look in the Boards H file there is no GT2560 board.
Thank you for the links.

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