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Delta printer on ANET A8 Board (modification)

Posted by bigbangnow 
Delta printer on ANET A8 Board (modification)
October 01, 2017 08:21AM
Hello all winking smiley

normaly I tinker with Ormerod and make some funny mods with Duet v0.6 or v0.8.5, but now I want to try something new, like Anet V1.0 3D Controller Board and 12864 LCD display/controller module.
I know how to do one Delter Printer with Duet Bord, but I never works with Anet v1. Anet Board is cheaper and the display is also very simple and already learned on.



Someone has experiences with rebuilding on delta? It will be one chip printer for big objects and 1-2mm nozzle =)

Like this tutorial, but for Anet board?

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