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CTC I3 Pro B LCd not Functioning

Posted by rileymaxx 
CTC I3 Pro B LCd not Functioning
October 18, 2017 04:21PM
Followed all Instructions, and procedures for my New CTC i3 Pro b (Prusa i3 Clone) but when I turn on main power, I get the normal info screen, I press knob and get the main menu, then when I turn it to make a selection. NOTHING happens. the manual said if I update firmware it voids warranty??? but what do I do. ??? New to the hobby but very excited about it. I hope this don't stop me.
open | download - 10-18-2017 1-12-19 PM.mp4 (168.1 KB)
Re: CTC I3 Pro B LCd not Functioning
October 19, 2017 03:57AM
Sometimes it happens and needs a restart of the printer. make sure the leads are firmly in place.

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Re: CTC I3 Pro B LCd not Functioning
October 20, 2017 09:35AM
SO after talks with members of this forum, and a local guy I found on the internet. I made some adjustments to the steps/mm of the extruder motor to stop the stuttering I was having. this is the first and second prints on a CTC I3 Pro B. (Prusa I3 Clone). I used the only filament I have the stuff they sent me. Bed temp 70 C, and extruder temp 220C. first print took 22 min, second print took 6h39m. so far I am very impressed with outcome. Oh, I am using a Slicer called Mattercontrol, its an open source program from Matter Hackers out of Laguna Hills CA. found this to have a lot more control over the printer for troubleshooting than Cura. thanks again to any one who provided advice, and help me. I will post more prints as I go.
open | download - Skull_70.png (595.5 KB)
open | download - BLock 1st print.png (382.4 KB)
open | download - Skull second print.png (445.9 KB)
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