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Change default axis steps

Posted by eddy99 
Change default axis steps
November 02, 2017 05:29AM
I have a CTC clone, I don't have access to the firmware but I need to change the axis steps because my prints come out undersize.
Is there another way to change the steps ??

Also when I go to Prepare/Preheat ABS-PLA bed the cooling fan comes on 100% which is the opposite to what is required. Can i disable the fan ??

I know I can change these manually in the control lcd but its a pain confused smiley


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Re: Change default axis steps
November 03, 2017 07:58AM
If eeprom is enabled in firmware you could use a host like repetier or matter control to edit these values
Re: Change default axis steps
November 04, 2017 05:35AM
Thanks obewan.
I have sorted it by putting a couple of M92 lines in my printer G codethumbs upthumbs up
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