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CTC Prusa i3 clone auto bed leveling Help

Posted by eddy99 
CTC Prusa i3 clone auto bed leveling Help
November 29, 2017 09:50AM
I must first start buy saying I am a complete newbie at editing firmware and 3d printing so be patient.

I have a CTC Prusa i3 clone using Marlin 1.1. and Arduino 1.8.4. for editing.
The motherboard is branded as 2560 REV A which I have uploaded a bootloader onto and installed the latest Marlin firmware and all works fine.

I am trying to enable auto leveling using a SG90 servo on the Z MAX pin and a micro switch on Z MIN pin.
I have worked my way through the marlin firmware to enable Z probe and Auto leveling but it seems I am making to many setup errors as when compiling, error after error comes up.

Is there anyone who has done this and can post their setup of config H so I can see where I am going wrong ??

Thanks Eddy
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