X end stepper skipping steps
January 15, 2018 07:16PM
Need some help
My X stepper motor is very noisy and starts skipping steps after about 5-10 layers
The noise it makes is a grinding growling noise and not the normal squealing musical noise of a stepper.
I have tried adjusting the driver from low to high. Skipping and noise gets louder the higher I go.
3 different drivers
3 different steppers
2 different ramps boards
Using Repetier Firmware (latest Version)
Adjusted stepper driver, Jerk, Travel Acceleration, Print Acceleration without change
Using a Chimera hotend with Nimble Extruder.
All other stepers work fine and as expected.
Able to print a 10x10mm square box and a 20x20 hollow box without issue
Any other print causes the skipping steps.
X carriage freely moves by hand with no hangups. Belt is tight but not to tight
The only thing that hasnt been swapped out at this time is the Arduino Mega. Not sure this could cause the issue I am having

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Re: X end stepper skipping steps
January 17, 2018 09:24PM
what stepper driver boards are you using in ramps you should adjust with multimeter did you try another driver board if you have 4988 and change to 8825 then remove the jumper that makes it 1/32 you will still have 1/32 ability if you look at DRV 8825 data sheet you will see with all jumpers in place it becomes 1/64 and even 128. You will only need 2 jumpers on 8825 to get 1/32 micro stepping then readjust the pot around 0.7 initially and readjust when it is running. May as well try another Arduino since you triple changed everything else.
Re: X end stepper skipping steps
January 19, 2018 08:11PM
Thanks. I decided to give up on the RAMPS and go with a Duet WIFI.
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