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Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)

Posted by mkarius 
Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 17, 2018 03:41PM
Hi guys,
my son saved some money over a while and bought a 3d Printer at gearbest, it´s a Zonestar 802C.

After building it up and going through some issues we are stucked:

If we power on the machine, the display starts and shows information about model, firmware, etc., but after 2-3 seconds the display refreshes showing the same info again and again. It seems that it´s rebooting all the time.
This happens, if all the other components are connected to the board and this also happens, if they are not connected.

Has anybody a tip, what the problem could be? I attached a photo of the display to this post.

Here´s also a little video showing the problem:

Sorry, if I ask dumb questions, but I´m totally new to this and just want to help my son.

I´m thankful for every hint.

Best regards
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Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 17, 2018 05:38PM
Connect up a computer to the usb, get something like pronterface and see what the printer is telling you.

It may not tell you anything... But you have to start somewhere

Did 'you' install the firmware or did it come with it installed?

Is that clicking noice coming from the power supply?

I would be inclined to suspect the power supply.

You did set the voltage selection correct for your country? (ie are you in a 110v area and its set to 220v? ,the other way around you would have noticed with a loud bang as the supply exploded)

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Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 18, 2018 01:39AM
Thanks a lot for your time.

The clicking noise is coming from the board not the power supply. We are at a 220V country (Germany) and it´s correctly set.

The firmware was already installed and there´s no SD card in the card- slot.

I will install pronterface and connect the printer via USB and let you know what I get.

Best regards!
Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 18, 2018 03:26AM
Maybe it's the onboard 5V regulator being overloaded? Some LCD draw too much current ( backlight is too bright ).
Connecting a PC to USB will probably solve that issue already.
Anyway, since it's brand new I'd claim a controller replacement. They might not have the best quality-control, but they are usually generous when there are issues.
Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 18, 2018 03:56AM
Thank you guys for your time.

I installed Pronterface on my computer (Windows 10), installed the Silicon Labs Universal Windows Driver until the recognized CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller was successfully installed.

When I connected the printer via USB the clicking noise stopped and it also stopped rebooting.

I tried to connect via Pronteface (COM3, I tried all Baud - Rate Options) and enabled "Debug Communications".

Pronterface´s console showed :


When I powered off the printer the console displayed:

RECV: ÿÿÿþÿîÿþÿ÷îwc»ÿÿÿöÿþÎßÎûf3Λ&ʘ˓2’DÎ2’"’H$SENT: M105
[ERROR] Can't read from printer (disconnected?) (SerialException): call to ClearCommError failed
SENT: M105
[ERROR] Can't write to printer (disconnected?) (SerialException): WriteFile failed (WindowsError(22, 'Das Ger\xe4t erkennt den Befehl nicht.'))"

The keypad still has no function. When I press the middle button several times some randomly squares appear on the display (see picture).

Is this another lead for a damaged controller?

If the controller is damaged, is it possible to use a better one of a different manufacturer?
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Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 19, 2018 02:35AM
Rebooting stopped with the USB plugged in, so the 5V regulator is overloaded. That doesn't mean, the problem is on the controller. It can still be the LCD.

The most common BAUD rates are 115200 or 250000. Try to get a connect without the LCD plugged in.
Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 19, 2018 02:45AM
Thanks again for your time!

I disconnected the board from the LCD Display. But it doesn´t change anything.

So it´s the board you think?
Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 20, 2018 02:47AM
It seems so, but there are still other components that can even cause a shortcut in the 5V line, like endstop wiring.
Have you checked all the electronic boards for solder blobs on the back?
Re: Endless rebooting at startup (Zonestar 802C)
January 21, 2018 01:12PM
I haven´t found any noticable blobs, no...

I contacted the support and they will send me another controller board. I hope it helps.

Thanks a lot for your time and help!
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