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RepRapGuru Prusa I3 v2

Posted by jmhecker 
RepRapGuru Prusa I3 v2
May 29, 2018 08:20AM
I recently purchased a RepRapGuru Prusa I3 v2 kit from Amazon and spent some time over the weekend putting it together. The built had a few hitches, but nothing that I wasn't able to resolve fairly easily.

My question is this: RepRapGuru has the firmware on their website for the printer, which I downloaded and put on the Arduino Mega. It seems to work to an extent, but I don't think it is the latest version of Marlin. So, I was going to try to upgrade it. So I grabbed the latest version from the github repo, and began poking around in the Configuration.h to ensure that the proper things were enabled...thats when I realized that there are SOO many things in there that I am not sure which ones I need, which I shouldn't enable, etc.

The printer itself uses a standard Arduino Mega, along with a standard RAMPS v.1.4 board (which I have replaced with a 'less crappy' variant), along with 5 DRV8825 stepper drivers (swapped out the A4988 drivers it came with for the DRV8825) and a knockoff version of the RepRapDiscount Smart Controller.

Is there any documentation/tutorials out there that can assist me with getting the configuration for the printer done correctly? I know that simply downloading it from github and compiling it isn't going to suffice, heh. I was thinking of running a diff against the 2 code paths (the RepRapGuru code and the vanilla code from GitHub) to see what the differences were, specifically in the Configuration.h file, but I can only assume there is a better way.

My other printer is a MakerBot Replicator 2X, which is more user friendly to obtain a proper configuration with. This is my first RAMPS based 3d Printer, so I am in uncharted territory with this configuration.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas that may point me in the right direction?
Re: RepRapGuru Prusa I3 v2
October 20, 2018 04:56PM
I now find myself in the same situation, needing the specific tailoring of the configuration.h file for the RepRapGuru printer. Did you ever find that information?
Re: RepRapGuru Prusa I3 v2
October 21, 2018 03:15AM
That is one instance where you have to go line by line and do everything as correctly as possible. It helps to learn some C/C++. But more importantly, just stick with it till you reach the end of Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h, following the instructions in the comments. Once you do it a few times you will learn where the settings are and modifying things to your liking will be much easier. The best documentation comes within those files in the comments. Have a tape measure at hand too for the bed and Z dimensions. And don't be intimidated, its just a pair of files. For a starting point, copy from the Marlin root directory "Marlin/example_configurations/FolgerTech/i3-2020/Configuration" to your "Marlin" directory then edit your configuration files afterwards. That should be a similar enough machine. Your X end-stop may have to go to the other side. I hope this gets you started on learning Marlin configuration.
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