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Doing a near-total rebuild of my V1 Wanhao I3, not sure how to align my x-axis properly.

Posted by Cyber Akuma 
So, I had taken my V1 Wanhao I3 nearly completely apart to do some upgrades/replacements. One of the parts I replaced was the X-axis rods and bearings/blocks.

After re-assembly however, I realized I am not sure how to re-align it properly:


The two black metal boxes that hold the X-Axis rods and the motor/pulleys for the x-axis belt.... I have no idea how to make sure they are the perfect length from each other, and not either too far apart, or too close. It's hard to tell, and no matter how I position them, it feels like they are at some kind of diagonal or off due to the rods that normally are loose in the holders becoming practically impossible to move by hand without even tightening the set screw.

First of all, does this even matter? Would it somehow effect print quality if they were not exactly? And if so, any tips on how I can make sure they are perfectly aligned then?
I'd move the X-axis assembly all the way down to the bed. Then try to align the X-ends until there is no binding in Z-direction. ( Maybe remove the leadscrews )
Why are the new rods so tight in the X-ends? Did you pick some rods with wrong tolerance? How do the linear bearings slide? smooth or tight?
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