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touch bed leveller

Posted by erniehatt 
touch bed leveller
June 05, 2018 03:28AM
Hi anyone have any experience with the touch bed leveller.
Re: touch bed leveller
June 07, 2018 11:54AM
Only expeiences of massive frustration! However, I put that down to my lack of knowledge. I have been failing to get mine to work with the (so-called) easy config for Tarantual Tevo by Jim Brown on GitHub. I'm sure it is easy if you have some clue what you are doing but I don't :-( Any assistance gratefully received. The best I achieved was it sitting about 7cm above the bed. From there, I was just chasing error messages...curde one...a different one popped up :-(

For what it's worth, I believe it's a BLTouch clone.I'm sure it's dead easy when you know how.
Re: touch bed leveller
June 07, 2018 06:48PM
Thanks, for the comeback Pal, the one I have is called 3D Touch.
I am in the middle of a rebuild at the moment so can't look into it , but as soon as I have things going will do so and post back on it.
In the mean time , if you have any success, please let me know.
Re: touch bed leveller
June 10, 2018 12:11PM
You can share my pain in this thread: [reprap.org]
Re: touch bed leveller
June 12, 2018 07:00PM
No. It's totally beyond me. All it does is flash and it doesn't respond to any commands. I've just chased error after error but admittedly I don't have much of a clue what I'm doing. Unless anyone can give me a really easy explanation, I think I'm going to bin the 3D Touch
Re: touch bed leveller
June 13, 2018 03:43AM
pls post your current configuration.h and i will look thru it, i personally use repetier firmware (i find it easier to set up)
Re: touch bed leveller
July 02, 2018 06:58PM
I'm also interested in this one or in opinions on why this is or is not the right sensor for i3 clones (RepRepGuru Prusa i3 V2)
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