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Posted by erniehatt 
November 06, 2018 03:26AM
Hi All,
I am trying to add a Reprap graphic LCD screen, I know it needs the U8glib library for it to work, but it doesnt, it tells me there is no such file or directory. Can anyone head me in the correct direction.
November 06, 2018 03:41AM
then U8glib is not installed...

you may have seen stuff saying dont use U8glib use u8g2, although U8glib is no longer under development reprap firmware still uses it an will not use u8g2

so how did you try and install it? what version of arduino IDE are you using? do you know about the library manager?
November 06, 2018 04:57PM
Thanks for the reply Dust.
I have checked that the folder is in the libraries, and that it has all files inside including the one it says cannot be found.
No I do not know about the manager file
I have attached the error message.

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open | download - U8glib.txt (601 bytes)
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