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P3Steel X-axis

Posted by WesBrooks 
P3Steel X-axis
December 10, 2018 11:47PM

Currenly building my first of two P3Steel printers. One to allow me to experience Merlin/RAMPs (been spoilt with 32bit controllers to date) and a second to convert a Mendel into something considerably easier to maintain.

I'm building this machine from scattered Spanish manuals with no other tongue than english which has resulted in a few rookie level errors such as bed 180 degrees out about the z-axis and knocking the x-axis rods fully home in the carriers only to find them considerably too short!

That last point led me to consider how constrained the x-axis is. The two vertical guide rods are rigidly constrained top and bottom and the two x axis rods constrain both the alignment of the z-rods (again) and the seperation of the z-rods (again). I'm guessing someone has already tried a varient of the P3Steel with the x-rods constrained at one end and sliding in bearings at the other?


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