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Anet A2 Filament Speed

Posted by Jaycen 
Anet A2 Filament Speed
December 18, 2018 02:29PM

I believe the A2 is a prusa clone, so here goes..

I've been struggling through my first 3D printer, and am finally at the point where I can start to get a good print. My current issue is I have to feed the filament by hand, or the extruder motor is too slow. When I feed by hand, I get a nice thick extrusion with a clean line. When I let the extruder do the work, the filament barely moves and comes out far too lightly.

I'm slicing the files with Cura.

Any suggestions are welcome.

EDIT: I have verified the distance on the printer. I marked the filament against a hard surface as a reference, then jogged the motor forward and reverse and measured 10 mm in both directions (which is what the display read).

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Re: Anet A2 Filament Speed
December 19, 2018 11:11AM
So if you heat up the nozzle, mark the filament 100mm from the extruder and get pronterface (or similar) to extrude 100mm of filament, it does actually extrude 100mm?
If so then check your filament diameter setting in Cura. I think it defaults to 2.85mm and most i3 clones use 1.75mm filament
Re: Anet A2 Filament Speed
December 19, 2018 01:07PM
After 3D Printing for quite some time, discovered the my prints were coming out under-extruded. Image Attached.

I discovered that somehow the settings in Cura had changed for filament diameter from 1.75 to 3mm.
Check to see if Nozzle size and Filament Diameter are correctly set in your Slicer program.

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