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Zonestar P802Q - Parts List Needed

Posted by faceless105 
Zonestar P802Q - Parts List Needed
June 28, 2019 11:04AM
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me fill in the blanks on some parts specs.

I'm looking to buy a few space heating elements (is that the right word to describe them?) and thermistor temp sensors.

As the title says, I have a Zonestar P802Q. I've had it for about three years, it's all I've known and I've loved it. Recently however, I started having problems with it. The driver for my extruder motor burnt out. I purchased a new Melzi 2.0 Board. I'm comfortable with arduino so I figured I'd be fine uploading some new firmware, however, I didn't know all the configuration settings. So knowing this ran on opensource firmware, I reached out to zonestar to see if they'd give me a copy of the firmware. They gave me an already compiled .hex firmware. Thanks, it's the least helpful way to go about it, but it worked. I was able to upload it without too much trouble.

I have however since noticed a new issue. My heating element seems to stop heating randomly on prints. The connections to the board are good, especially since they've all recently been redone, since it's a new board. The most likely answer I found online was, it's likely an aging cheapo power supply that is having a hard time keeping up. I purchased a 650W Server PSU. I hotwired it, and connected it to the printer, but it has not corrected my issues.

It seems that I likely have a bad connection with my heating element. Since it stops heating durring the print, with all the movement, I'm inclined to believe this, also because almost the rest of the printer has been replaced at this point. Now since my firmware was already compiled, I can't change any settings. I'm struggling to find the specs on the heating element or the thermistor temp sensor. I emailed zonestar, asking for the specs, and even though they were helpful with the firmware, they've been entirely unresponsive about those two parts.

I'm posting in here hoping like crazy that someone can help point me to a matching replacement. I'd really appreciate any information you guys can give me. I like my printer a lot, but this single issue it making it extremely unreliable.
Re: Zonestar P802Q - Parts List Needed
June 28, 2019 11:51AM
For hotend heater cartridge , disconnect it from the controller measure its resistance

to find outs its power P = V^2 / R

So say if you have a 12v supply and measure 3.6 ohm, that is a very common 40w heater cartridge

The thermistor... now that is an issue. you need to take resistance readings at known temperatures and compare that the existing tables (and even then it may not match any of the common types, it may be their own custom table)...

I did however find this [www.zonestar3d.com] wich says the firmware is at [drive.google.com]
Which says its a type 56.. this is a custom thermitsor added to marlin...

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Re: Zonestar P802Q - Parts List Needed
June 28, 2019 01:15PM
Thanks. I think my thermistor is good right now, but I do think it'll be nice to have a spare on hand. lol I've gotten just about every other part on hand at this point. I've even replaced one of the slide bearing already, those make a real nice screeching sound when they're going.

I have to say, I looked like effin crazy for that firmware a month ago with no luck. So for real, thank you for all of this!
Re: Zonestar P802Q - Parts List Needed
July 08, 2019 11:44AM
I wanted to update this to hopefully help anyone else in the future.

Zonestar sent me links on aliexpress for these:
Heating Cartridge
Thermistor Temp Sensor

I however didn't want to wait for things to come from Aliexpress, I had been without a printer for way too long as it was. I found comparable pieces on amazon and they seem to be working great interchangeably, no changes in firmware were necessary.

The only issue I ran into was that the heater block felt fairly fused to the heat cartridge. I could have probably fought it and won, but decided 1 day shipping was a lot easier, and bought these as well.

I hope this helps a future reader!
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