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Question about adding BLTouch to Anet A8

Posted by Turk1604 
Question about adding BLTouch to Anet A8
June 30, 2019 05:26PM
Getting ready to make a few changes to my A8. Got Drylin brearings, BLTouch, and soon to have a one piece carriage plate on the way. Easy improvements, but after reading a bit more about the BLTouch I'm left with a question about installing it.

Prior to purchasing it sounded like it was simply mount it to printer, plug into the Z axis stop header and splice into the ribbon cable for the LCD display. All easily reversible changes if I decided it wasn't working out. Also decided to order a Pin 27 adapter board so it would be plug and play rather than actually having to splice.

After getting the BLTouch I went to the antclabs website, found the wiring information for the Anet, and got a bit of a surprise. Antclabs says that I also need to remove a capacitor (?) C45 from the mainboard. First time I've ever read mention of this, is it actually necessary?

Link to the page if I'm allowed to post it: https://www.antclabs.com/wiring3 My Anet board is about half way down the page.

If it's actually necessary, I'm not sure I want to go through with this modification.
Re: Question about adding BLTouch to Anet A8
August 02, 2019 08:57PM
what 3d printer controller bored does your printer use?
Re: Question about adding BLTouch to Anet A8
August 02, 2019 09:00PM
i looked it up, its not a bored i have messed with before so I dont know sorry. I know ramps 1.4, rambo boreds,etc... dont need modification with BLT touch.
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