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E1 thermal runaway issue

Posted by npm1 
E1 thermal runaway issue
November 09, 2019 03:38PM
I upgraded to the tmc2209 drivers from the a4899s on the X and Y axis I was really happy, so I thought I'd upgrade the drivers for the Z and E0.

However when i went to check the z axis stepper driver's vref, I accidentally put the screwdriver onto a capacitor thinking that the dial for changing vref was on the top as I was doing the same for all the drivers i.e. to check and correct them.

At that point, the LCD screen flickered... I quickly checked the vref for the z axis driver again...

I then moved on to replacing the z axis and E0 axis on the skr 1.3 board.

Since then I go into the the advanced settings to the TMC section and find that my E0 is labelled E1.

and when printing the thermistor has become unstable, and once printing an error kicks in about E1 having a thermal runaway issue... please help.

I have nothing connected to E1 driver, thermistor or motor connections...

Do you reckon I need a new board for shorting the A4899 that was on the Z axis...

Please find refer to these files for further info on how i've set my printer up:
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