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Noctua 12V on Einsy Rambo

Posted by alvim 
Noctua 12V on Einsy Rambo
May 28, 2020 06:28PM
Hi Everyone!

I have a MK3S with Einsy Rambo and 24V Power Supply.

Is there a way to make Noctua 12V to work with this set up? When I do the Selftest, if I initiate the spin of the fans manually, they pass the test. But if I let them go through the process by themselves, they fail. When they fail, I can still see them trying to move, but it looks like there is not enough power to start the spinning.

I would appreciate any advice.
Re: Noctua 12V on Einsy Rambo
September 05, 2020 11:58AM
12v fans die when connected up to 24v. You could try a voltage divider circuit or a buck converter but you will lose pwm capability unless you use a mosfet and a buck converter.

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Re: Noctua 12V on Einsy Rambo
September 08, 2020 01:00PM
Most boards use low-side switching for PWM (i.e. the positive wire to the fan always has 12 or 24 volts connected and the ground wire is switched by a MOSFET). If the Einsy Rambo works this way then you can use a buck converter connected to the positive wire on the fan and connect the negative wire to fan connector on the Einsy.
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