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Looking for Portabee users

Posted by qrp-gaijin 
Looking for Portabee users
February 18, 2021 04:37AM
Is anyone here using the old Portabee portable 3D printer? I think the compact and portable aspect of the Portabee is pretty interesting. I bought one several years ago and now am finally getting around to investing the time to getting it working properly. Unfortunately, the company seems to have gone out of business, making it a bit difficult to find accurate information about the printer.

As one tricky example, this printer has a barrel fan on the extruder, which I think is supposed to be always on (via a M106 gcode command), but my default slic3r settings always turned off the fan. I guess slic3r assumes the fan is for cooling the printed part, not cooling the barrel. I wonder if prolonged fan-off prints with the Portabee may lead to overheating/deformation of the PLA that forms the extruder. I think I solved this by tweaking some settings in slic3r, but on the other hand it would be nice if there were some known-good Portabee preset files for slic3r (or cura) to start from. I have an old URL for a recommended Portabee slic3r file, but that URL unfortunately is no longer active, so I have no idea what the original recommended slic3r settings were.

Anyway, I am searching the web for information on this printer and plan to update the wiki page at [reprap.org] with the information I find. It would be nice to hear from other Portabee users.
Re: Looking for Portabee users
November 18, 2021 08:56PM
On the slim chance that anyone is (1) still interested and (2) reading this thread, I created a reddit community at [www.reddit.com], where I have started posting various historical information that I can gather about the Portabee printer, such as some pictures of the original Portabee factory in Singapore, links to related YouTube videos about the Portabee, etc.

I also have updated and will continue to update the RepRap wiki's Portabee page at [reprap.org], with more practical information.
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