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Anet A8 problems

Posted by chucketn 
Anet A8 problems
October 09, 2023 08:07AM
I just finished some repairs and upgrades to my old faithful Anet A8. Now the new v6 clone hot end (Bowden extruder) hits the document clips that hold the glass plate to the build plate.
This did not happen prior to the hot end change.
I use Repetier Host to run the A8 via USB from a win 10 computer.
I think I need to tell Repetier Host the bed is smaller, and use a start script to raise the Z before moving in to start the print. No matter what settings for the printer I change, the printer homes to the left front corner of the bed and the heat block hits the document climps holding the glass plate when starting the print. Any suggestions?


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Re: Anet A8 problems
October 12, 2023 04:59AM
the print head will always home until it hits the end-stop, i think the only option is to re-adjust the end-stop position.

sorry if i am stating the obvious
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