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Updating my prusa i3

Posted by Progr3ss 
Updating my prusa i3
January 31, 2024 03:06PM
Hi all,
I built a prusa i3 some 10 years ago. It started life with an hotend made with a air hose end with teflon insert and wire wrapped around it. It would print for a week and then I would have to wrap another one. I upgraded to an e3d style (j head?) and printed for a while with a Greg Wade extruder, with a clip to hold the thing together. Not great, it wiggled and jammed often.
So when I decided to revive this and start working on the printer again I looked to upgrade to something a bit better.

I printed out the latest Prusa Mk3s extruder and hotend and x carriage. Its different. I really like the bondtech gears. I do not like how the extruder and hotend holder are bolted to the x carriage ( it makes any change require removing belts and the x carriage)

I guess my question is really, what are the go to x carriage, hotend, and extruders of today?

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