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RepRapPro's new printer kit (off-topic)

Posted by dc42 
Re: Fisher Delta : PETG printing
September 09, 2015 08:09AM

I would like to thank you for your job on PETG !

I read carefully your personnal page on this subject, and my first print is a success (maybe beginner's luck winking smiley )

The temperature is probably a little to low, I will try higher. I use 3D Prima PETG at 245° first, 235 others.

I have a question anyway, did you unmount the nozzle duct AND the fan duct ?
I just removed nozzle duct, but there is still wind that comes within the holes in the plate.
Did you fill these holes to avoid wind ?

Thanks a lot !
Re: Fisher Delta : PETG printing
September 09, 2015 08:31AM
Yes I disassembled the duct after the hotend. For esun PETG, I was even obliged to tape the holes in the effector to avoid any cooling. You see that on the arm topic. Don't forget to rescrew the effector.

How to do proper insulation

how NOT TO DO insulation, that ended with petg gluing on the tape and ending on my prints

I think that is better to have some cooling if the material tolerate it but esun don't. Reprapper PETG was ok with this small cooling.
BTW, I think PETG deserve an independant topic that I intend to do some day.
Re: Fisher Delta : PETG printing
September 09, 2015 08:42AM
And yes, your temperature is too low, the part shall be more translucent than that.

I don't know Prima PETG, but you shall test high temperature to see if it become shiny.

For esun shiny print is a indication that temperature is ok, in addition to the translucent aspect.
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