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Duet flickering red LED

Posted by MattHawkinsUK 
Duet flickering red LED
October 18, 2015 06:18AM

I just did a "Home All" and the bowden tube popped out between the vertical bars and jammed the Z carriage. I did an emergency stop but now my z-axis doesn't work. The motor is ok as it will work on another channel.

On the Duet board one of the red LEDs is flickering whereas the others are solid red. I'm worried that channel is now fried on the PCB.

Is there anything I can try or test to get it working?


Re: Duet flickering red LED
October 18, 2015 12:19PM
If you mean a red LED near one of the motor and endstop connections, that LED should be solif red unless the corresponding homing switch is triggered. If it flickers when the homing switch is not triggered, that suggests you have a bad connection in the homing switch circuit.

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Re: Duet flickering red LED
October 18, 2015 03:47PM
dc42, you were actually 100% right. Which is great because my printer is now working, but a bit embarrassing because I thought I had already checked the switch. I'll settle for the public embarrassment rather than owning a dead Duet!

Originally I used the M119 to get the endstop status and it showed the switches all off. I toggled the z switch and saw it's status change. I checked all the wiring and assumed the switch wasn't the problem. Shortly after I built the printer I soldered my switch connectors on so they couldn't possibly have come loose .... only I've just checked and one of them had fallen off. It looks like the solder joint was a bit poor and during the jam it must come loose and disabled the z channel.

Soldering the switches is much harder once the machine is built so I wish I had done it to start with. Without solder the switch connectors were coming off all the time. It hasn't happened since I soldered them ... until today.

Thanks again for the prompt. I'll actually sleep better tonight :-)
Re: Duet flickering red LED
October 19, 2015 10:25AM
Matt, I had a similar issue, I have now soldered all the switch wires as well.
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