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New firmware 1.09k-ch

Posted by chrishamm 
New firmware 1.09k-ch
October 21, 2015 01:00PM
Yes, it's been a while since I officially released my last firmware version 1.09g, but since then I've made quite some progress on my fork of the firmware. Here the complete changelog since that version:


Arduino device tree version 1.0.4:
- Merged in latest version from Arduino GitHub repo
- Merged in T3P3's changes for the Duet 0.8.5 (thanks Tony)

Preliminary firmware version 1.09h:
- Merged in latest improvements from dc42's 1.09k firmware (thanks dc42+T3P3)
- Merged in Adrian's M42 implementation

Firmware version 1.09i:
- Tool warning messages are only sent at an interval of 4 seconds
- Updated SD images with proper movement settings
- Bug fix: Speed factor override wasn't working
- Bug fix: Changing the tool during a print caused the firmware to hang
- Bug fix: M408 could cause an endless loop if no S param was specified
- Bug fix: E0 drive wasn't working and Move code was sometimes stuttering

Firmware version 1.09j:
- Merged in Roland support code from RRP's repo (thanks Adrian)
- Dwell enforces all movement to stop
- Improved NetworkTransaction interface
- For continous output writes, one OutputBuffer is left free for single allocation
- Watchdog is set up in the Platform class (and no longer in the RepRap file)
- Webserver writes uploaded data immediately and doesn't store it any more
- Telnet and FTP now allow only one single connection per protocol
- Telnet doesn't ask for a password if none has been configured (for Pronterface support)
- Telnet ignores the first few incoming bytes within the first 4
- Bug fix: Live coordinates with tool offset were not reported to web interface
- Added description for AGND (Duet 0.8.5) to Duet expansion header documentation

Firmware version 1.09k:
- Updated Duet expansion header documentation to incorporate changes for Roland mill
- M36 and rr_fileinfo are now multi-pass to improve the Spin loop timing
- First layer height is now parsed and reported by M36 and rr_fileinfo
- Replaced a few tabs with spaces in the Makefile to fix build issues on Ubuntu
- IP address changes take effect immediately (see M552 - M554)
- Improved layer detection algorithm (should fix most problems with "Lift Z" option)
- Increased OutputBuffer safety in Webserver classes
- Decreased HTTP timeout to 8 seconds
- Minor improvements in the MassStorage class
- Bug fix: Roland interface didn't pick up any moves
- Bug fix: Block reads via FileStore didn't update the file position
- Bug fix: Merged in missing M92 code from dc42's fork for Delta support (thanks dc42)

You can get a precompiled firmware binary here, the compatible web interface remains version 1.06 (for now!). It can be flashed in the same way as described here.

At the moment, the biggest differences between dc42's and my fork are the smaller memory footprint, improved layer statistics during file prints, usage of a customised Arduino board to build the firmware with, and the ability to disable the heated bed via "M140 H-1". I figure the latter is especially interesting for Fisher owners, because it effectively hides the heated bed entry on the web interface. The movement control, however, is the same nice code dc42 provides.

If you give it a try, I'd appreciate to see some feedback here. If you notice any bugs, please report them here as well.
Re: New firmware 1.09k-ch
October 22, 2015 07:13AM
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RepRapPro tech support
Re: New firmware 1.09k-ch
October 26, 2015 02:01PM
To those who are interested: I've just released version 1.09l which fixes a bug where certain pull-ups weren't properly disabled.
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