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Logo STL

Posted by ByteSlinger 
Logo STL
January 17, 2016 05:53PM
I'm trying to find the STL file for the logo that pushes into the front of the printer. Does anyone have this or know where I could get it?
Re: Logo STL
January 17, 2016 08:59PM
I had same problem... couldn't find it, then someone found it, I printed it, it didn't fit, so gave up and left it without a logo

....not having a logo improves airflow around the board....thats my excuse and Im sticking to it (it doesn't look so bad without the logo eitehr)

RepRapPro Mendel 3 Tricolour
RepRapPro Fisher
-Carbon Arms
-Easy adjust Carriage+effector
-axis stiffness mods
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-Duet 0.8.5
-DC42 Height probe
-RobotDigg metal components
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Re: Logo STL
January 23, 2016 08:50AM
Here are two STL files for you to print. you may adjust the size if required.

RepRapPro China 技术支持团队

open | download - rrp-logo.STL (77.2 KB)
open | download - rrp-logo1.stl (32.8 KB)
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