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problem with fisher 1

Posted by Anubis_Juventino 
problem with fisher 1
January 23, 2016 06:14AM
Hi all I have a fisher 1 , in the first days next I build it works good , but now when I try printing , start good for the first layer but next some time stop extrude, I have check different things :

- the hot end is clear
- the extruder nut is clear about some filament and seems work fine
- the plastic tube seems to not hinder the pla filament and go up and down good

any suggestion ? waste a lot of plastic , because the printing stops halfway so is difficoult to try different tipy of solution
Re: problem with fisher 1
January 26, 2016 03:13AM
What temperature are you using to print? What are you trying to print? I have had issues with the print bending up as it cools blocking the nozzle (there's no room between the part and the nozzle for the filament to extrude).
Re: problem with fisher 1
January 26, 2016 10:43AM
I print at 210 but I try 250 too and not still working too
Re: problem with fisher 1
January 26, 2016 06:32PM
Is your extruder working, ie turning, you are probably grinding the filament away, once this happens your not going to get any extrusion

Remove the filament from the printer and look at the point where the extruder was about 300mm from the end when its ground away you will see a scollop in the filament.

Grinding is caused by too much friction in the filament, typically this would be cause by an obstruction in the nozzle of the heater element not being able to heat melt the filament fast enough.

to try and clear the nozzle try this process

1) heat extruder up to 210C and manually extrude a small quantity of filament
2) cool the nozzle to 100C
3) retract filament from printer

when you do this you should get an impression of the inside of the nozzle, and find that the nozzle itself it clear, cut the end off the filament and try again, sometimes it pays to repeat this process a couple of times

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