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Fisher Minimum Wall Thickness

Posted by geeksarebeta 
Fisher Minimum Wall Thickness
March 04, 2016 08:45AM
Does anyone know what the minimum wall thickness achieveable reliably with the Fisher is? I have a need to print a grid pattern with wall thickness of 0.6mm, woul dthis be possible with the 0.4mm nozzle or would there be issues with the strength of the walls?

Re: Fisher Minimum Wall Thickness
March 04, 2016 10:44AM
I have made spiral vases at 0.4mm width but they were very week and had the odd hole in, I increased to 0.8mm with and they are very strong, I would guess you would get away with 0.6 widths.

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Re: Fisher Minimum Wall Thickness
March 07, 2016 04:03AM
Thanks for the reply, I went ahead and made the parts, once with the grid directly on the bed and again with the grid upwards.

Grid down failed on later layers because of the overhanging layers above the grid, the walls themselves did form well and were a good thickness as the machine extruded more to make up the thickness. But part was no good due to the over hanging material falling in.

The second attempt went much better, even on coarse layer height of 0.2mm (only 14 layers). The machine formed the 0.6mm walls in a single pass by squiting out more filament than usual for a 0.4mm pass. Strength wise I wasnt too bothered as I'm putting a lot of copper into the grid, the walls are just there to separate the copper and stop it rotating.
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