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Fisher Delta - error in build instructions!

Posted by cparsons 
Fisher Delta - error in build instructions!
November 15, 2016 04:17AM
I have found an potentially serious error in the build instructions for this printer and sent an email for Traplet , who I bought the printer kit off - copied below...


I want to bring to your attention an important error in the build instructions?

The write up for the effector assembly says use three M3 * 16mm cap screws to clamp the assembly together - the exact working is

"From the top of the effector, put three M3x16mm cap head screws through the central holes, between the connecting rod joint screws."

If you do this the thread protrudes some distance down, almost to the same level as the extruder nozzle - and when you do a calibration if the calibration is out these screws can hit the contact posts for the bed - stopping calibration and potentially damaging the printer (and making a terrible noise as the motors try and force the print head down so the nozzle touches the build plate!)

I have broken several support arms because of this and my colleague in the office, who bought this printer from you at the same time as me has broken a drive belt!

The solution is very simple, change the 16mm bolts for 12mm - I did this and can now calibrate correctly with no collisions, I think this is important and the instructions should be corrected as soon as possible. They are incorrect on the eMaker site as well.

If you need clarification about this my office number is 01803 207438

There are other errors and inconsistencies in the build instructions but this error can cause damage to the printer, and has already cost both of us money!


Chris Parsons
e. parsons.cj@gmail.com
m. 07966 754528
h. 01392 278549
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Newton Abbot and District Model Engineering Society

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