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Fisher1 configuration in Simplify3D

Posted by SSMagic 
Fisher1 configuration in Simplify3D
November 15, 2016 07:36AM
I have a Fisher1 with a Duet 0.6 Firmware Version: 1.16 (2016-11-08) & Web Interface Version: 1.13

Having experienced multiple crashes on Slic3r, despite trying the suggested fixes on the forum and configuring it to run with various Win10 compatibility mode settings, I have decided to invest in Simplify3D as an alternative.

As I'm relatively new to 3D printing I'm seeking advice from anyone who is using the Fisher in conjunction with Simplify3D, either just as a slicer or using it to control the printer directly.

I am seeking software configuration settings, possibly in the form of a configuration file for Simplify3D as the Fisher1 is not yet supported in the default printer list but other RepRap printers are?

Should I continue to use the Duet web control, which would be my first preference as I've found it an excellent interface, or should I use the Simplify3D control panel for complete integration with the software?


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Fisher Beta, upgraded to Fisher 1 with heatbed and full fan control
Re: Fisher1 configuration in Simplify3D
November 15, 2016 12:25PM
I mostly use Slic3r and the Duet web interface and occasionally I use S3D and the web interface. I'm attaching my Fisher FFF profile - it may need tweaking for your own purposes especially as my Fisher is 345mm tall print volume but it's a start and I'm always tweaking it - never been 100% happy with S3D. My end gcode includes playing a few beeps you might want to remove that if you don't have DWC connected all the time or you don't have a Panel Due or its a warning so you dont get a surprise smiling smiley.

For slic3r if you turn off the background processing it shouldn't crash on you if you loading stl's that are good quality and I changed my threads to 4 which also helped a lot. There is a new version coming out any day now that Prusa seems to have taken over the maintenance, Thomas Sanladerer mentioned it on his youtube channel the other day and there is more info here - [www.prusa3d.com] and here - [shop.prusa3d.com]

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Re: Fisher1 configuration in Simplify3D
November 15, 2016 12:50PM
Many thanks for the Simplify3D configuration file and suggestions re getting Slic3r working more reliably. I have already switched off background processing and my threads are set to 4 in Slic3r but it still crashes repeatedly. I spotted your use of S3D in one of your previous posts which prompted me to have a look at it. Will look out for a Slic3r update!

Hopefully your configuration file will put me right once i've tweaked it!

Thanks again


Fisher Beta, upgraded to Fisher 1 with heatbed and full fan control
Re: Fisher1 configuration in Simplify3D
November 15, 2016 06:21PM
Many thanks for help with the configuration file... that's done the trick after a few tweaks over the course of the evening!

One thing I was confused about before seeing what you had done in the configuration file, was in association with the S3D "Temperature" configuration. I had assumed the "Temperature Identifier" was T1 for the effector and T0 for the bed heater, I see they should both T0 as in your file,

Imported some test stl's into S3D, sliced and printed them via the Duet's web interface and they are printing well... I'm a happy Bunny!


Fisher Beta, upgraded to Fisher 1 with heatbed and full fan control
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