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carbon rods, pulltruded or not

Posted by johnfroff 
carbon rods, pulltruded or not
January 02, 2019 09:42AM
After breaking my first lasercut arms for the fisher and seeing the threads on ball ends and mag balls. I have a lot of experience with ball ends from model cars and am curious as to what people call sloppy, are there any quantitative values for acceptable or sloppy.
Many people seem to have gone down the carbon tube and ball end route. so my question is pultruded or wrapped. My idea at the moment is to use tubes with setscrews in the balljoint glued into the tube. Would the sloppiness, be addressed by having springs between the parallel rods (a light spring acting on or near to the setscrew to minimize bending effect on the carbon tube). Also I have the option to use ball ends which use m4 threads, would increasing to 6mm tube rather than 5mm give any benefit in reducing flex in the rods.

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