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Hot end upgrade

Posted by Gmanx 
Hot end upgrade
May 10, 2019 05:10PM
I was hoping to purchase the upgrade kit sold by eMaker here: [emaker.io]

Sadly it's out of stock and, I suspect, no longer available.

Does anyone know if this kit is available anywhere else, or if the new heat-sink (with larger M10 top thread for pneumatic quick-release fitting) is available anywhere?

If I can't find the kit or the parts I'll have to try building a new hot end. Having the Bowden tube screw directly into the heat-sink as per the original configuration gives me no-end of feed issues.
Re: Hot end upgrade
May 11, 2019 03:10AM
You could ask RepRap Ltd, they sell the Fisher kits now.

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], E3D tool changer, Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: Hot end upgrade
May 11, 2019 09:00AM
Thanks very much dc42 - Looks like that'll be my source from now on. smiling smiley

Interesting that Reprap LTD didn't come up in any searches for me!
Re: Hot end upgrade
July 09, 2019 10:35AM
Rather than disassemble the whole effector, what I did with my beta was just redesigned the fan mounting moving it to give enough clearance for the pneumatic fitting and just bought the new heatsink.
That said I'm thinking of ditching the whole effector and making the new one which takes the e3d hot end as a replacement
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