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Extruder clicking and other questions.

Posted by jayuk022002 
Extruder clicking and other questions.
April 12, 2021 05:37AM
Hello. New to 3D printing and i have been given a fisher delta 1.

I have managed to commission it ok and can print the robot ok.

I have generally been able to print things ok with a nice finish but im finding that during the print my extruder motor will click occasionally.

What would be the first thing to try? I don't want to just try things randomly if there is a good place to start.

Increase print temp? Reduce print speed? Could the tension be too high on the extruder idler?

I don't seem to get blockages during a print although i have had a lot of problems with the hot end where the PLA gets a buldge in it before the nozzle. My bowden tube is butted up against the nozzle. Its the early one where you screw the bowden tube into it and drill it out manually. No problems with initially feeding the PLA through to the nozzle.

I have ordered a different PLA just in case it is of poor quality but it does seem consistently 1.75mm.

Hot end fan is running during print

All standard settings apart from homing and bed levelling stuff.

PLA at 200C. Glass unheated bed.

Any help would be appreciated.
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