Unlevel print head
July 09, 2023 09:34AM
I have been making improvements to an old Fisher I have access to. The only thing left to sort out is the print head is not level. I would estimate it is 5 degrees tilted towards the Y tower.

Because of the calibration routines, I can only think that the head itself must no longer be flat, so I will try printing a new one.

On a delta, is there any other way the head could be unlevel? The rods themselves are laser cut so hard to imagine they are out of tolerance, and presumably any differences in them and the carriages would be calibrated out anyway?
I have been through and adjusted all the configuration variables for endstops, home position, etc and always run the mesh grid compensation and delta calibration.

Re: Unlevel print head
July 09, 2023 02:52PM
I can't remember the construction of the Fisher, but could it be that a carriage that the rod tops are connected to isn't level?

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Re: Unlevel print head
July 10, 2023 12:46PM
Thanks for the idea, but it was a warped print head.

I printed a new one from PETG which is a bit higher temp than PLA so hopefully will be more robust!
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