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1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?

Posted by nb99 
1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
January 31, 2012 10:56PM
Having trouble finding anywhere that stocks 1/4" or 6mm PTFE tubing - suitable for Hot-end liner.
Dotmar on the suppliers list don't...
Re: 1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
February 01, 2012 12:57AM
Try SMC or one othe the other pneumatic suppliers, I just checked PTFE tube is on the SMC USA website, so a reasonable chance one of the pneumatic suppliers will have it or be able to get it in. [www.smcusa.com] probably will nopt be particularly cheap though knowing NZ suppliers. You could try ebay and look for a supplier offering free international shipping I have gotten quite a few bits and pieces at reasonable prices that way.
Re: 1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
February 01, 2012 03:59AM
I had to buy ptfe tubing by 10 meters for my bowden, I can sell you a piece at cost price if it suits you.

Dimensions : 6mm external diameter, 4mm internal.
Cost would be 5 euros by meter + shipping from France (depends on the length, to give you an idea : under 100g 2,35 € / under 250g 5,60 € / under 500g 7,35 € - regular letter pricing, no tracking).

Send me a PM if interested.
Re: 1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
February 01, 2012 04:03AM
Thanks - I'll check the local pneumatologists..

Interestingly - there seem to be very few references on the main reprap pages -
Mcmasters, but they are about double the price of the one ebay hit for 1/4", Yorkshire Pneumatic (ha!) services, at 7 gbp per metre. (plus 8 more post).
So at worst that's probably a go... (looking at trying a North90 stainless steel tube hot-end)
Re: 1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
February 01, 2012 04:16AM
Bought mine here : [www.conrad.com]π=583469&ci=SHOP_AREA_17410_0203914
Re: 1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
February 01, 2012 04:38AM
Ah - DeuxVis - I think my last post was being saved as your first one went up - I will PM you..
Re: 1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
February 03, 2012 10:03AM
If anyone else needs some, I listed it on emakershop (easier for me to keep track etc).

See [www.emakershop.com]
Hi there, I am an Australian with a PTFE tubing extrusion plant in India. We supply various sizes of PTFE paste extruded tubing to indusries like automobile, instrumentaion in pneumatic applications.

We manufacture PTFE tubing with ID from 0.8 - 28 mm ID and 0.25 to 3.2 mm thickness.

I am happy to help with short lenghts if we have ex stock of standard sizes.

Savio Pereira
You could also try [plasticsystems.co.nz]
Hi there. We supplied 1/4" PTFE Tubing to NZ couple of weeks ago. We have a manufacturing plant in India.
Let us know when you have requirement.

Savio Pereira
Re: 1/4" PTFE tubing - where in NZ?
November 17, 2012 02:20AM
I will have 2/4mm and 3/5mm ID/OD PFA tubing here in the next day or 2.

PFA is very similar to PTFE and in my opinion slightly better for this application.

Send me a PM for pricing details.
or search for makershop on Trademe
I'm in Auckland.
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