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Extruder gears

Posted by waitaki 
Extruder gears
December 04, 2012 05:01AM
Need to get a set of extruder gears. I was thinking of getting metal ones or maybe injection moulded plastic. Has anyone done this, and if so, where did you get them? Or,in fact, is it just not necessary?
Re: Extruder gears
December 04, 2012 06:25AM
I have seen one set that someone CNC'ed His comments where "so loud, don't bother" But they did look really nice.
Cost was unknown, since he had access to a CNC machine as part of his job, he just did them himself.

But its really not needed. Printed extruder gears works really well.

Injection molded may be fractionally stronger, but they will also be a lot heavier.
Re: Extruder gears
December 05, 2012 04:50AM
I made a set of straight cut gears having tried all the herringbone and other creative options. They do eventually wear out but I just print a spare set first up then get into it. I found the fancier gears were just as noisy and lasted the same or less time. I have been thinking about making a belt drive extruder as I have some nice short GT2-3 belts from a photocopier recycling exercise I did recently, that would be quiet.


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Re: Extruder gears
December 06, 2012 01:50AM
If your looking for T5 trade me has them

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Re: Extruder gears
December 30, 2012 02:01AM
Ok, I'm gonna stick to the bog standard extruder gears for the time being. Can anyone print me a nice set?. Let me know please and cost.
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