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Posted by Meltedplastic 
June 20, 2013 04:50AM
Hope this hasn't been asked to many times but what motors am I looking for as in N.cm or oz-in they are for a prusa mendal v2

Re: Motors
June 20, 2013 06:50AM
kthx: ideal stepper is NEMA17 size, rated 1.5A to 1.8A or less, 1-4 volts, 3 to 8 mH, 62oz.in (0.44Nm, 4.5kg.cm) or more of torque, 1.8 or 0.9 degrees per step (200/400 steps/rev respectively), for example the kysan 1124090/42BYGH4803 or the rattm 17HS8401

From the reprap irc channel bot.

and see [www.onlineconversion.com] for further torque conversions

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Re: Motors
June 21, 2013 04:27AM
The motors I offer through makershop.co.nz are specifically selected for RepRap Prusa-Mendel It2.
I recommend the smaller 35 oz-in (17HS3430) motors for the Z-axis and the extruder and the 74 oz-in(17hs8401) for the X and Y axes. This setup works perfectly on my main machine.
Never misses a beat.
I used to have a 74 oz-in on the extruder too but the motor is too long and you have to lose some build height to fit it in. The 35oz-in fits and works much better.
You should also wire the 2 z-axis motors in series. Most instructions show them wired in parallel. That is OK for high voltage/low current motors but series works better for the above motors.

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Re: Motors
June 27, 2013 08:03PM
I use these nema17 motors, and it works like a charm, either on sanguinololu 1.3a, ramps 1.3 and 1.4 or the smoothieboard.
Re: Motors
June 29, 2013 02:08PM
So I got the same motors as Alizier and I am having a hard time getting them to accuate. They are trying too although cant quite be pussed hard enough. Im using a Sanguinololu 1.3a board and the motors listed above (42byghw811).
Any help is greatly appreciated.

This is my first build, although I am very tech inclined (so feel free to talk nerdy to me).
Re: Motors
June 29, 2013 07:34PM
accurate, as in if you tell your printer to go 100mm. does it fall short or it overshoots your target? missed steps?

if you live nearby maybe we could check out your rig...
Re: Motors
June 29, 2013 07:39PM
Might be the drivers, try increasing your output voltage on the pololus - the motors will run hotter too but a small change might fix the problem. clockwise is more from memory.


Richmond, New Zealand
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Re: Motors
June 29, 2013 09:15PM
I think he means actuate rather than accurate?

Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: Motors
June 29, 2013 09:23PM
yes, indeed...thanks for pointing it out @ waitaki...hows your printer going BTW?

here is a link if you have not already read setting the trimpots: [reprap.org]
Re: Motors
June 30, 2013 05:09AM
The motors above by Alizier21 are 2.5A Pololu drivers have a thoertical max of 2amp, and realisticlay 1.7A with cooling

You will never reach the 70oz-in tourqe using pololu drivers.

I do not recomend using these motors, you will probably only be able to make them buzz, not actuly move.

You may need something like [www.reprapdiscount.com] to get those motors to work. But even those are only 2A (real 2A)

These motors are better and within the limits of the controller [www.aliexpress.com] for one or [www.aliexpress.com] for a 5 pack

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Re: Motors
June 30, 2013 06:22AM
Alizier21 Wrote:
> yes, indeed...thanks for pointing it out @
> waitaki...hows your printer going BTW?
Good as gold thanks, Alizier

Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: Motors
July 01, 2013 12:28AM
So I already have some Stepstick drivers (StepStick A4983 Stepper Driver Module). Can anyone recommend motors to go along with the drivers I already have?

Looking for a quantity of 10 if anyone knows any good deals.
Re: Motors
July 02, 2013 01:07PM
So I went looking for a new set of motors that would require less amperage to actuate. Can anyone approve or testify as to how good these would be?

Using Sanguinololu 1.3a with Stepstick A4983

After turning the pots I am only able to get 1.5v at the Vref.

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